Best Pressure Washer Reviews – Top Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are important tools, both for commercial and home use, which is of great help cleaning walkways and hard-to-reach places in your building. Thus, it makes sense to purchase an exclusive electric pressure washer, which can do a great job instead of you. Using this reliable and helpful tool, you will enjoy the relief maintaining your house, car or other properties well-kept. The only concern is checking the reviews of electric pressure washers to find the proper item to buy, that will give you the greatest value for the money you spent.

So, read this overall guide to purchasing the best electric pressure washer carefully to opt for the one suiting your needs. Discover the finest features to search for, top brands available on the market, as well as the proper electric power washer type, which will meet your requirements perfectly.

Electric vs. Gas Power
The most reasonable gas and the most costly electric pressure cleaner for around your house will cost about $250. Below you will find the advantages and drawbacks of every pressure cleaner style:
Gas Power Washers

Pros of Simpson Gas Pressure Washer: Way more power. The washer is more portable as it is not limited by electricity needs. It is also more durable as it is made of more solid components.

Cons: More pricey (but you receive more power). Requires more maintenance. Produces more noise and fumes. The washer is bigger in size and heavier.

Electric Pressure Washers

Pros of the Electric Pressure Washer: It is available at a more reasonable price, works quieter, requires less maintenance, can be used indoors as it produces no fumes.
Cons: Less powerful. Less portable as it requires an electric outlet. Less durable plastic components. Annoyance of cord.

Top Pressure Cleaner Brands

Are you allegiant to a power items brand? Have you ever had troubles with one before? Or, probably, you’ve read lots of negative pressure cleaner reviews for a definite brand? Now it is high time you selected the best pressure washer:

1. AR Blue Clean AR-383 with 1.5 GPM 14 Amp and 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer with an adjustable hose reelAR-Blue-Clean-AR-383

Representing a powerful electric pressure washer brand, the AR Blue Clean AR-383 serves a great example of a convenient, simple to use and store tool. The best feature of this equipment lies in its wide selection range of attachments, allowing you to use the item for any applications you wish. Actually, it has gained positive ratings among a diversity of electric pressure washer reviews due to its numerous peculiarities which average brands cannot offer.

Useful Components
This sky-high quality pressure water consists of a 30-foot power cord, thus, there are no problems using it anywhere in the commercial area or at home – even having no extra extension cord available. Take this set wherever you wish and experience the comfort of doing so due to its double-wheel trolley system and convenient ergonomic handle. Additionally, this unique and powerful pressure washer is equipped with a built-in reel that makes it simple for you to maintain the hose kept in one place. The item is also durable and will definitely serve you for multiple years, as its body is made of high quality copper, aluminum and plastic.

2. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 14.5-Amp 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure WasherSun-Joe-SPX3000
Decks and patios accumulate debris and dust very often. To make cleaning these parts faster and easier, electric pressure washers do a thorough job. The customers who are looking for a reliable electric pressure washer should take into account this powerful Sun Joe SPX3000 produced by Snow Joe. Despite the water hose is frequently used for these tasks, absence of pressure boosts the time span required for the same job.

Useful Components

The total stop system, also called TSS, is the differentiating feature of the electric pressure washer presented. It enables the item to pause and stop when the switch is not pulled. This option saves water and energy, ensuring a longer life of the tool.

3. AR Blue Clean AR118 1.5 GPM 1,500 PSI Hand Carry Electric Pressure WasherAR-Blue-Clean-AR118

Customers who look for a device to wash around their vehicles and houses will experience many advantages from this electric pressure washer, as it can be easily carried. The AR Blue Clean AR118 is equipped with a simple handle that makes it easily portable. When spraying water this pressure washer will lift up any gunk from the surfaces and clean them away. These tools are useful for those who have a large house, patios and gardens.
Useful Components

The pressure washer presented, with its hand-carry device, is smaller than other items of this type as it weighs just 11.7 pounds. It is easy to be stored even in a tiny area, unlike those big pressure washers that take up much space.